Manufacturing Process

Process of Making Hyakusogan

オウバクエキス抽出濃縮工程 Extraction and concentration process of Phellodendron Bark extract

Hyakuso” is made from endodermis (Phellodendron Bark), which are inside the cortex of Phellodendron, and are decocted with hot water, boiled down, dried and then made into the form of plates. We used to use a cauldron to decoct and extract, and then pour the water into another kiln to boil down slowly to create Hyakusogan. Now we have a self-regulating sealed extraction plant to extract, and then concentrate the filtered extract with a vacuum heating enriching plant to create it.

混合工程 Blending Process

Hyakusogan is a combination of Phellodendron Bark Extract、Powdered Geranium Herb、Powdered Atractylodes Rhizome、Powdered Zedoary、
Powdered Japanese Gentian 、Powdered Swertia Herb. 5 kinds of powdered herbal medicines are combined evenly with Phellodendron Bark extract by a blending machine.
製丸工程Rounding Process

Pills are manufactured by a rounding machine. We follow the procedure to start the rounding machine, adjust when necessary under the experienced technician’s supervision to manufacture fine-shaped pills.
仕上げ工程Finishing Process

After pills are manufactured by a rounding machine, their surfaces are treated. The coating device is used to coat Phellodendron Bark extract tincture on the surfaces of the pills so that the “bitterness” of Phellodendron Bark, unique to herbal medicine is emphasized.
包装工程Packing Process

During the finishing process, the pills are filled in bottles or film packs, and then packed in the paper boxes.

We have a very strict quality control so that our customers feel safe with our products. We intend to devote ourselves to provide our customers with trusted products.