Otaki shop


【Hino Hyakuso Honpo  Otaki shop】     
 211-6 Otaki-mura, Kiso-gun, Nagano-ken 397-0201
 TEL: 0264-46-3132

Located near Makio dam in Otaki-mura, which is called the water carrier of Aichi Yosui (water supply district). Otaki shop carries medical products and quasi drugs such as Hyakuso and Hyakusogan, as well as souvenirs unique to the piedmont of Ontake.

Holidays of Otaki shop: Thursdays (Open every day in January, July, and August)

王滝店 王滝店

Souvenir shop, medical product shop, and soba restaurant “Hyakurakuan” are in the same building.
王滝店 店内1 王滝店 店内2 



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