President Masato IharaOur company is located in Kiso, surrounded by mountains with forests accounting for 93% of the land and blessed with nature, where you can enjoy the changes in nature over the 4 seasons.

It is said that people started making “Hyakuso” in the Kiso area in late 18th century. It was habitually used as “a miracle cure for stomachache” and “a stomach medicine that cures all diseases”. It was spread throughout Japan by travelers who visited post towns in the Kiso area and the believers of Ontake as officinal medicine or souvenirs.

Hinoya started manufacturing and selling “Hyakuso” as a family business in late 18th century, founded a pharmaceutical company in 1947 and has been running the business till today. With our unique manufacturing technology we have cultivated over the years, we have created various formulations which are combinations of several herbal medicines centering on Phellodendron, the ingredient of “Hyakuso”.

As society ages, herbal medicine formulation using natural blessings is once again attracting attention as being suitable for self-medication to increase the innate natural healing ability of human beings.

In the light of this tradition, we intend to practice “Providing quality products and services that contributes people’s health and longevity” and “Serving the society through our company’s business” as our missions.

President Masato Ihara