Tour of the factory


We provide a tour of the factory for groups/tourists of more than 10 people and show detailed information and videos. Please use this tour as required, at your convenience.
Reservation required. Please let us know your requests at the time of the reservation.

【Outline of the tour】: Tour of the factory by video.
Explanations on the company profile, products, and manufacturing process by video.
【 Time required 】: About 40 to 60 minutes
【 Inquiries 】: Hino-Seiyaku TEL 0264-36-3311 (Main)
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工場見学 製丸工程
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At Hino-Seiyaku, the Materials exhibition room is open to the public so that Kiso’s folkloric medicines will be known to many people.

Under various themes such as “Process of making Hino Hyakusogan”, “History of Hyakuso/Hyakusogan”, and “Hyakusogan and Ontakesan”, the history of herbal medicines, changes in Hyakuso/Hyakusogan, and Hyakusogan collections around the nation are displayed.

Please feel free to visit us.


Hino-Seiyaku Head office 2nd floor (Kiso-mura)
Come in from the front entrance and go straight to the reception on the 2nd floor.

【Open hours】: 9:00AM to 4:00PM on weekdays

Hyakuso in the form of plates
Mountain climbers’ guest book from 1907